Blogging is like any other career option in which a Person has to get formal training and certified before s/he becomes a Professional in that career.


Last week engagement between Trainers and Trainees  in Blogging class at Mewa (Mazrui Library) has born a wholesome knowledge and skills as tens of students at the center received training from facilitators and at the end of the day were issued certificates of participatory from Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE), under the sponsorship of the United States of America’s Embassy to Kenya.

Among the people who underwent training are students from various Universities and colleges and MEWA employees as shown in the photos above.


The beneficiaries of training now are legible to become  members of the Association where they can send their request in this portal>>>

The main areas of interest during training were; Digital Communications Landscape, Social Media Management, Strategic Digital Footprint, Fake News in Kenya, Introduction To Blogging, How To Make Money On The Digital Space, Online Freedoms, Social Media Crisis And Ethics, among others…

Trainees have opportunity to participate in blogging competition where they will be given a topic to write on and publish in their blogs. The best Writer will be awarded for his/her best article and will carry the day. The entry point for this competition was sent to their email addresses week after training, the entry portal reads


Written and published by: ABDULNASSIR AHMADA MOHAMED.


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